Enhance your love of English through your love of Food

Hi! I’m Gayle Macdonald, food and language enthusiast. I am passionate about helping you express yourself in English through the language of food.


Because you can learn so much English through the language of food

Food is a wonderful insight into culture as is the language of food

Food and language are intertwined

The next best thing to eating food is talking about it


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“Talking food is an important way to learn a language, by getting together and sharing stories by engaging” – Omar Allibhoy

That’s why I created Appetizing English – to help you enhance your English learning by embracing British food and culture.

When you work with me you will….

Learn how to share your own experiences with food, your own culture and traditions and  connect with people

Be able to express yourself in food situations, learn how to talk about the food and understand the occasions, the traditions, the stories

Become confident and successful in everyday ‘foodie’ situations such as ordering a coffee or going out to eat, understanding menus, food shopping, eating with new friends.


Work with me

appetizing english courses

Are you ready to get your teeth into some serious learning?

No matter what your level of English, I believe that communicating through food, is the best, most exciting, most social and fun way to connect with people. You have a story to tell, a recipe to share

Let’s get talking, cooking, eating and connecting in English!


Join my ‘Eating Out Experience’ Program where you will work with me to take the stress out of eating out in the UK.

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Get your free guide ‘Breakfast Lunch Dinner’. Learn when and what us Brits eat, what we call our meals and wet your appetite for more!